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Yugenwear by Amir Hassan

Yūgenwear by Amir Hassan

Yūgen is a Japanese word pertaining to a profound awareness of the universe which evokes feelings that are too deep and mysterious to describe with words we are a creative circle of likeminded people who recognize this feeling in everything we do

In Yugen there’s no compromise. Inherent in our brand is a way of aesthetics that reduce everything down to its most essential quality and an idea that transmits freedom and the essence of living in everything we take part in. In collaboration with the upcoming Danish billow and major talent Amir Hassan we invite you to array yourselves in our oscillating design alliance, Yugen Wear.

Yugen Wear looks into the nature of verity and reveals the inner qualities of materials and objects for your responsiveness to that bright mysterious feeling we so aim to amplify with our every Yugen move. By allowing the body to take its posture with confidence in an eternal breath taking moment Yugen Wear soothes your every step in a sense of sophisticated luminosity with its inherent combination of simplicity, functionality and minimalism that is so coherent for our foundation in Japanese aesthetics and Danish minimalism.
In Yugen Wear you are free to glow