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Art for your company

If your company has empty walls and limited funds for art the art circle is the perfect solution for you. In all its simplicity the art circle works like a collaboration between Gallery Grisk and a group of companies where art is circulated between. The employees and clients of the company gets the chance to experience art in a new and different way. Additionally, urban art creates an unpretentious atmosphere and gives life to uninspiring office spaces.

CEO Mads Fredberg selects a number of artworks perfectly suited for your company. The artwork rotates between companies in the art circle and each company gets a minimum of three rotations of art each year. This way you always have something new and inspiring to look at.

An investment in art

Being a part of the art circle serves as an investment. The monthly payment is typically around 2-4000 dkk. The price is calculated from the value of the chosen artwork. This way you have a say in how much you want to invest for future art buys. Every year your savings are calculated and can be used for either artworks or decorations. It’s up to you. We are happy to send you a contract so you can examine the specific details of the art circle.

Gallery Grisk will be at service to get the artworks installed so it suits your environment.

Professional networking

As a part of the art circle the companies involved will get the opportunity to meet at networking events. The art circle consists of companies from different businesses – this way we make sure that all companies in the art circle can profit from extending their professional network.


Mette gammelby, owner gammelbys:

“We would not have the opportunity to invest in real art to the extent that the art circle provides.”

Mikkel Thykjær jørgensen, corporate lawyer Hejm laywers.

“To have art at the office lightens the mood and changes the way my clients perceive me – only in a positive way.”